Original handmade ornamental plum blossom cyanotype prints. Hand printed in Herefordshire on uncoated cold pressed fine art cotton rag paper.


The blossom collected to make this series of blossom prints grows on one of the many ornamental trees  found in the gardens here at Kinnersley. It is so fleeting, ever watching for the wind to come and blow it all away! This makes it all the more precious.


These prints are delicate little pieces of this fleeting time, where the trees are laden with the most wonderfully scented blossom.


For as long as I can remember, I have collected little treasures from nature when walking, and spending time exploring the beautiful countryside around me.

Drawn to the many shapes and textures that abound when you really start to look. I like to seek and feel immersion in my surrounding environment.

Making these cyanotype prints using the materials I find is a way of holding those treasures still and preserving them, creating them in a new image.


The prints will be unmounted and carefully wrapped in acid free tissue paper. I use Hahnemuhle Platinum Rag paper for all of my cyanotype work. This is a high quality paper recommended for this particular process.

Cyanotype is an historic photographic process discovered in 1842, and I love being connected to the very beginnings of photography with this process. The work of 19th century Botanist Anna Atkins is also very inspiring.

Set of 3 Ornamental Plum Blossom. Original cyanotype prints 5.5 x 7.5 "